Medical work and sharing the gospel


Using medical skills to show the compassion of Jesus and to provide a platform from which to share about Jesus. We do not have our own medical project but support the government facilities. Medical work is only expected to be part time the rest of the time is for visiting families and contacts to share the gospel, discipleship of new believers and or Bible teaching, depending on gifting. Applicants will be expected to acquire a good level of Chadian Arabic which they will learn in Chad before and during their term of ministry. They will be part of the WEC team in Abéché and will therefore be expected to play an integral part of that team and to share its visions and goals.


  • Have a passion for Jesus and good Biblical knowledge.
  • Medical personnel of any sort is very welcome here in Chad, from basic heath care workers to doctors with high expertise!
  • Some cross-cultural training (minimum - WEC Trek course, if coming out as a short termer).
  • Have a basic understanding and appreciation of folk Islamic belief and culture - advice available.
  • French is a pre-requisite for career missionaries on the WEC Chad field. It would be helpful for short termers (i.e 1-2 years) to have some French.
  • A willingness to learn and adapt to a new culture and to travel frequently is essential.
  • Applicants who have some knowledge of Arabic but no French will be considered.

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