Pastor WEC Chad's shortterm workers


A mentor is needed to take pastoral responsibility for WEC Chad's shortterm workers, who are most likely to be single and aged 18-30 years. They are generally in Chad for 6-12 months, but arrive at different times in the year. The total at any time may vary from one to seven. You would work with them both as individuals and as a group, helping them adapt to Chadian life and to grow in Christ. You would also give moral support as the young people learn local language. The short-termers are most likely to be teaching English or IT at our Learning Centre. Both mentor and short-termers would be part of the existing team seeking to reach Muslims in Eastern Chad. The mentor would be accountable to and work with the WEC Chad leadership.


  • Previous experience of working cross-culturally is essential, preferably in the Muslim world.
  • A couple would be ideal, but a single person could be adequate to fulfil this role.
  • The applicant needs to be a mature believer, confident and secure in their faith.
  • The team language is English. The language of the area is Chadian Arabic. Some ability in French or Arabic would be very useful.
  • You will have a heart commitment to world mission, an eagerness to adapt and learn new things.
  • The first few months would be given to language learning and adaptation to Chad.
  • Minimum of 2 years, 3 years preferred.