Helping people discover how to use computers


Helping people to begin to discover how to use computers at our Learning Centre.

We offer classes for total beginners on how to use a computer, including basic software such as Word and Excel. Internet and media software may be added in the near future. Students will mostly be men, both Muslim and non-Muslim. Classes will be small with a maximum of about 10 students per class. There are usually opportunities to share of the Hope we have with our students, whether in or out of class. Male teachers will generally have more opportunity to make contact with students outside of class. Being part of the WEC team, they will be expected to be an integral part of the team with the goal of planting a mature, expanding church among the Eastern peoples of Chad.


  • If you are reading this on line you have sufficient knowledge of computers!
  • Some ability to use French and/or Arabic is necessary.
  • A willingness to serve and to learn essential.