Starting a Christian movement throughout the Maba


The Maba People are the biggest unreached people in Chad apart from the Arabs. They have a tradition of resisting change and being religiously conservative. There are signs of change and the handful of believers are beginning to gain acceptance. More details available on application. Applicants would have to come ready for the long haul. Chad Arabic must be learned on the field prior to and alongside ministry. Many Maba can be reached through Arabic. An effective ministry is possible without learning the Maba language, but obviously we want some to move into that area too. The aim is to form a working team which includes local people and to develop new ministries dedicated to starting a Christian movement throughout this people group. Applicants will start as members of the Abéché team.


  • A passion for Jesus and his mission.
  • A readiness to serve.
  • A willingness to learn.
  • Some knowledge of Islam, folk Islam, and church planting strategies should be attained before arrival. (Advice available)
  • Normally French should be learned prior to arrival on the field.
  • Practical experience in other parts of the Muslim world a big advantage.
  • Some knowledge of Arabic would be a real bonus.

The Maba People