These are a few snippets from what workers have written.

"The Disabled - I continue telling the OT stories each weekend to the disabled men, women and a few children. At end of Jan. I gave a sample prayer to receive JC. Since then one fellow, "Saul", told me he wanted to talk with me one day if I had time. Later when we talked, he told me how he's taking these stories to heart."

"Pray for "Hal". Yesterday I went to his home to visit. He eagerly listened as I re-told the Creation and Fall, etc. When finished I asked if I could pray for him. After the Amen, he asked me if he too could pray! And he prayed that God would show him more light."

"I met "Jose" in the city. He heard some of our gospel tapes. He said that in 1971 an illiterate Muslim farmer in his village experienced Jesus as a great light descended on him. To this day that old man still preaches that Jesus is the only way. A group of Jesus-followers has formed that continues to meet weekly in the village. Jose was thrilled when he heard the messages on the tapes in June which correlate with the messages God revealed to them. Are these Jesus-followers true believers? I pray the Scripture portions in their language that we're putting in their hands will help them become founded and mature. Could it be that God is using our prayers to plant a biblical church in their village?"

"A seeker "Charlie" came by several times. We are reading and discussing the book of Matthew together. You should have seen the look of amazement and joy on his face when he heard the Jesus film in his mother tongue!"